Terry Sexton

Business Psychologist


Terry Sexton

Meet the Team Terry Sexton

Terry is Leadership Psychologist who holds an MBA, a BSc (Hons) Psychology and an MSc Occupational Psychology. Despite these academic achievements he is best known for his practical, pragmatic approach, his straight talking and for getting great results. Terry knows that the business environment is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Leaders need to be comfortable operating in this type of environment if they are to be successful. With this in mind, Terry founded Wise Leader™.

Wise Leader™ is in existence to give individuals a deeper understanding of what specific development they require and to put the tools of leadership development in their hands. Knowing that leadership can’t be learned through training courses he translates relevant leadership research into practical, experiential activities and tools to help guide leaders progress through the seven stages of development.

Having developed leaders in large international organisations for many years, Terry knows that right now is a good time for people to take control of their development and start practicing being the leader they want to become. They need to develop their inherent leadership capacity to make wise decisions, whatever the situation, rather than ‘crashing and burning’ under the sustained pressure. This is what motivates Terry to get out of bed each morning…that and the dog needing a walk!

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