Sarah Turner

Business Psychologist

Sarah Turner

Meet the Team Sarah Turner

Sarah is a business psychologist, assessment specialist and professionally qualified executive coach. She has almost 15 years’ HR experience, also covering talent development, recruitment and training.

Sarah has extensive experience in both assessment design and facilitation, and is qualified in Wave and Hogan Dark Side. She has worked across a wide variety of private sector industries – from aerospace and car manufacturing to financial and professional services. Sarah also has significant experience in the public sector and has worked with a variety of central government departments, local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Sarah has a strong track record in coaching. A qualified co-active coach, she runs her own practice, and has worked as an associate with firms in the City and in partnership with Cass Business School.

The appreciation of the broader HR landscape brings two very important strengths to Sarah’s coaching. It allows her to understand the professional backgrounds of her varied clients, and it helps her to work effectively one-to-one, guiding clients to discover the full range of their skills and make powerful life and career choices.

On a personal level, Sarah’s in-house track record and consultancy experience have combined to make her an excellent relationship-builder, up to the most senior levels.

But what shines through in all of Sarah’s work is her passion for the subject. She enjoys analysing human behaviour in the workplace - whether that is within an assessment context or a coaching relationship – and she is equally passionate about helping organisations to recruit and manage their talent effectively.

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