Sam Underwood

Film Maker, Music Producer and Actor

Sam Underwood

Meet the Team Sam Underwood

Sam has been a freelance film maker and music producer since early 2008. He has created films for various companies including the St. Albans Constabulary, Costain and The Stroke Association and many more. The film he collaborated on, 'Flavours' has also been recognised by Channel 4 and NBC Universal. His music has been featured in several films and played on various radio stations around the country.

Sam was the musical director and producer on four Fringe theatre pieces working for the young, up and coming production companies, Ravenrock and Squint. Both have taken productions to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the National Student Drama Festival (NSDF).

His passion for theatre and film has helped him perform in a number of productions, recently including 'Olympilads.' A new writing play that won two golds at the competitive “Theatre Games” in 2012. As an underground music fanatic, he also DJs many varieties of music at venues in and around London.

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