Richard McKie

Musician, Songwriter and Business Consultant

Richard McKie

Meet the Team Richard McKie

Richard's underlying passion is for music in all of its aspects and guises: listening, performing, writing, teaching or sharing. He likes to explore the inner structure, patterns and rhythms that make up the composition of music and look at how these can help in not only in understanding music – but also provide useful analogies for helping make sense of both our personal and working lives.

This falls naturally within Richard's other main passion, which is for people, their development and ultimately their fulfilment – extending to teams and businesses too. Here, 'making sense' of things is his chief contribution – whether unravelling a mass of information or rationalising immediate needs versus longer-term objectives. Always looking to visualise the 'big picture' and how people and business can get to where they want to go.

A self confessed generalist, Richard has experience across a multitude of disciplines at all levels of both large and small organisations – from retail to pharma; national charity to multi-national; corporate to entrepreneur; property to systems to procurement to finance to HR … and more!

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