Give us a taste


Find out more about our programme of Management Development workshops by participating in our one-day ‘Taster Workshop’.  During this workshop you will get a taste of how we engage managers in their personal development along with the opportunity to: -

  • Realise the power of your emotional intelligence
  • Experience how coaching is different to mentoring or training
  • Discover what makes a highly effective team
  • Practise some tools and techniques used by high impact managers
  • Take part in a discussion with other managers about how management skills can be developed for the modern working world
  • Find out about our full range of two-day Management Development Workshops


This taster workshop is delivered by Andrea Pearce.  Find out about her experience, skills, interests, motivations and qualifications by taking a look at her profile. Meet the Team

This workshop is suitable for all managers who would like to discover how they can learn more about themselves as a manager and who have an appetite for self-development. Those who want to find out more about how to develop managers to reach their full potential will also find this workshop useful.   

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Tell us about our people


Determine the nature of the capability of the managers in your organisation by inviting them to engage in our management profiling process.  This process:


  • Includes completing a range of psychometrics and attending a feedback and coaching session
  • Enables each manager to focus their development where it will have most impact as they progress as a manager
  • Ensures the manager attends workshops most suitable for their needs


Our Management Profiling is carried out by our team of Business Psychologists, which include Andrea, Catherine, Anne and Sarah.  Find out about their experience, skills, interests, motivations and qualifications by taking a look at their profiles . Meet the Team

Contact us to chat with one of our consultants about profiling the managers in your organisation.




Enable us to grow


Grow the capability of your managers by inviting them to engage in our programme of Management Development workshops. As well as developing their knowledge and skills, our workshops develop the manager as a whole person.  This gives managers the underlying capability necessary for them to use their new knowledge and skills wisely.

We provide a flexible and stretching programme of two-day workshops to suit every manager’s development needs.  You can book managers on one or more of the workshops, or can book them as an in-house programme if this better suits your needs.

Each two-day workshop is facilitated by a Business Psychologist and a creative facilitator.  The sessions are experiential, active, engaging, informative and positive.  They are not death by PowerPoint!

Emotionally Intelligent Management Skills

  • Definitions of emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Research and relevance
  • EI conversations
  • EI and conflict resolution
  • EI for sustaining relationships

Coaching Skills for Managers

  • How coaching differs from mentoring or advising
  • Emotionally intelligent questioning and listening skills
  • Coaching models to guide your sessions
  • Practicing coaching skills in a safe environment

Developing Effective Teams

  • Importance of teamwork
  • Team problem solving
  • Team innovation
  • Developing trust
  • Flexing style for team benefit

Communicating with Impact

  • Posture
  • Voice
  • Mindful listening
  • Active listening
  • Storytelling for business impact


To deliver our workshops we employ the wide range of capabilities of people from across our whole team.  These include business psychologist and creative facilitators.  The combination of these diverse capabilities enables us to ensure the learning is experiential and the development is sustained.  Find out about the experience, skills, interests, motivations and qualifications of our people by taking a look at their profiles. Meet the Team

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