Jon Hill

Forensic Psychologist, corporate trainer and executive coach

Jon Hill

Meet the Team Jon Hill

Jon is a corporate trainer and executive coach based. He specializes in working with teams and individuals around leadership, wellbeing and resilience, and works with a range of clients in the private and public sector. This work has taken Jon to many different parts of the world – Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and more besides. Wherever he has gone he has found evidence to support his belief that an engaged, motivated, energized workforce gives a company a crucial strategic advantage, and that success in work and life is only sustainable with a clear focus on values. He specialises in helping people to maximize their energy and impact, and to thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding world.


Jon holds a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. He is also an accredited Co-Active Coach, certified with the International Coaching Federation. In recent years he has developed a focus on mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). In 2015 he co-authored the popular ACT-focused self book ‘ACTivate Your Life’.

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