Dan Bramall

Illustrator & Designer

Dan Bramall

Meet the Team Dan Bramall

Dan, (a.k.a. The Scribbler) is an experienced illustrator and designer. His work is graphic, colourful and fun. Inspiration comes from the graphics used in popular culture, signage, his love of animals, picture books and the absurd things in life.

He studied Graphic Arts in Liverpool quite a long time ago and more recently did an M.A. in Illustration too. He has worked as a creative in many different sectors including as a catalogue designer, an interractive designer/animator for educational projects. He has also designed websites, logos, loads of marketing material and worked as a cover designer for Penguin Books. Clients include international and local companies such as British Gas, Tesco, Robert Wiseman Dairies, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury Books, Penguin Books, Hatched Estate Agency and Costain.

He has worked with the Create Network where he graphically records the content of meetings in order to create a visual map of group sessions.    

His art has appeared on everything from book covers, magazines, gas bills, milk cartons and he even created all the illustrations to promote a music festival. He sells prints and cards and has exhibited his paintings and illustrations a number of times and has been selected for The Association of Illustrators’ Images – The Best of British Illustration and The Transport for London Illustration Awards.

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