Andrea Watts

Creative Facilitator

Andrea Watts

Meet the Team Andrea Watts

Andréa has a Diploma in Management studies and has many years experience at Senior Management level. Her foundation training in Art Therapy led her to start UnglueYou®, a visually creative process that can access the subconscious; allowing insight, clarity and understanding from a different perspective.

As a practicing collage artist Andréa spends a lot of her time tearing, sticking, gluing and generally having fun while making a mess! Yet it’s Andréa’s firm belief that we all have the capacity for creativity and that understanding and tapping into this increases the opportunity to reach our full potential. This belief drives and motivates her approach to working with clients.

Her interests include organisational and individual learning and development. With these interests, Andréa is keen to support clients in applying this alternative approach to achieve focus and help decision making and has worked with organisations to develop tailored programmes to meet these needs.

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