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We keep things simple, as your life and work has enough complexity. We offer three coaching packages that we have found from experience achieve maximum impact for our clients.

Executive Coaching

Being a senior leader can be highly rewarding, however it is far from easy. Working with an experienced coach ensures you can be at your best for both your business and for your life.

As a leader you invest time in supporting others. It is important that as a leader you too are supported and have a safe and welcoming space to talk about your own challenges, concerns and aspirations, and learn new tools and approaches to help navigate beyond and towards these.

The coaching experience is one that is nurturing as well as stretching, enables openness and inquiry and is highly supportive.

We are a team of professional coaches who pride ourselves on a personal bespoke service for our clients. To find out more about how Executive Coaching can benefit you and your business, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a confidential chat.





Successful businesses and leaders manage change effectively. People change jobs, get promoted, and move company. Organisations downsize, upsize and change product/service offerings. At another level, economic crises, technological advance, political change and situations like Covid19 require new thinking.




Business change is increasingly delivered in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment. The economic and social changes from the pandemic emphasise skills such as ; resourcefulness, flexibility and ingenuity. Executives need to use existing intellectual, delivery and leadership skills in different ways.

Transition coaching helps people recognise the range and capacity of their current skill set and identify gaps. It helps develop strategies to deploy new and existing skills to the novel work and organisation problems of today’s world. Everybody is different so transition coaching is a flexible package suited to an individual’s personality, strengths, operating style and aspiration. Typical components might include:




  • Critical incident management

  • Understanding personality strengths and pinch points impacting on change.

  • Stakeholder management, EQ and communication strategies.

  • Personal resilience and coping mechanisms.

  • Adapting and boosting change management style to meet organisational goals.


Transition coaching helps people make best use of their talents to:


  • Transition from current role to a new role. First 100 day strategy.

  • Adapt leadership style to new structures and ways of working.

  • Think differently about problem analysis and delivery.

  • Build resilience to handle new work pressures and stresses effectively.

  • Enhance leadership skills through better EQ and support to staff.

  • Manage work-life balance through smart home/technology/workplace use.





Resilience Coaching



We live in fast, ever-changing times. Working life is evolving. Long-term employment with one company and going to an office every day is being replaced by flexible work patterns. Home and part-time working, the GIG economy, and more demanding consumers require a different approach. Leaders, professionals and staff face new work pressures which they are not always fully equipped to handle. At another level, economic crises, technological advance, political change and situations like Covid-19 present a backdrop of higher volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

In addition, balancing family and home responsibilities with work adds another dimension of complexity making it more difficult to maintain life balance and well-being. Resilience coaching helps to address these issues by helping people be resourceful and flexible and therefore be productive, happy and healthy. This helps success in work, home, and life.

Resilience coaching helps individuals understand, compartmentalise, and take control of work/life pressures. It helps identify the strengths in their resilience toolkit, and use their problem-solving, innovative, interpersonal and self-management skills to address those pressures.

Where there are gaps, new resilience strategies are provided. The aim is to give people the knowledge, understanding, and resources to take control, where possible, of situations that cause pressure, whilst also providing strategies to accept uncomfortable situations that cannot be changed. Resilience coaching is a flexible package matched to an individual’s background, personality, strengths and management operating style. Typical components might include:




  • Reviewing career resilience timeline to learn and draw from past experience.

  • Strengths audit to highlight knowledge, skills, attitudes that help.

  • Developing resilience management strategies.

  • Understanding personality strengths and factors that impact on well-being.

  • Identifying people, resources and other factors to help pressure management.

  • Review internal/external communication approaches under duress.

  • Design constructive engagement strategies to jointly address difficult situations.

  • Ensure balance of personal and team resilience and coping mechanisms.

  • Help people understand their thinking patterns, and internal dialogue.

  • Turn the focus to positive controlled and sustained resilience.


Resilience coaching helps individuals manage pressured work/home situations by:


  • Appreciating and drawing on skills and experience in successfully managing pressure.

  • Taking a perspective to recognise what can and cannot be controlled/changed.

  • Drawing on strengths to help individuals think and act constructively under duress.

  • Balancing work and home pressures in a realistic manner.

  • Focusing on what matters to help people lead a rich meaningful life.

  • Build resilience to handle new work pressures and stresses effectively.



Leadership Coaching




Leaders give direction to their people, organisation, and clients. They shape teams, structures and processes to be lean, efficient, and to deliver products and services in a profitable way. There are countless leadership models, theories and research papers on what leaders need. There may well be new technology, financial and social media requirements. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, future leaders will need to place different emphases on existing skills, frameworks, and approaches and more precisely align those with the needs of the people and organisation.

To do that, next-generation leaders will need to finely tune their leadership antennae to identify what direction, support and resources individuals, teams and operating divisions need. With that knowledge they will need the intellectual and interpersonal flexibility to communicate, direct, motivate and facilitate top performance. Breadth of perspective, emotional intelligence, sound judgement, and willingness to swiftly change approach will become more important. Key requirements will be (i) taking a helicopter view to recognise subtle and dramatic changes in the business environment and (ii) being willing to make astute, responsive changes in their leadership approach.




The purpose of coaching for tomorrow’s leaders is taking their core skills, knowledge and experience and looking at it through different filters, and adding to it. For instance, in a post Covid-19 world with greater home working:


  • How effective are an individual’s communication, deployment, and support skills?


  • With decision-making, is there the capacity to change pace and approach?


  • Does a preferred approach to planning suit a different working environment?


Every individual will have different strengths and levels of sophistication in their leadership portfolio. Our approach to leadership coaching will focus on the elements that matter to an individual given their current challenges and aspirations. We would take a flexible approach, working through different factors depending on needs e.g.


  • Communication style; shaping messages, reading stakeholder needs, active/passive communicating, strategic influencing.

  • Decision-making; strategies, effectiveness, deployment to critical incidents, derailers, topic comfort.

  • Engagement skills; rapport, relationship building, understanding agendas, managing political motivations, building commitment.

  • Planning; time management, resource planning, team deployment, flexibility, fitness for purpose.

  • Self understanding; core values, operating principles, strengths versus development awareness, monitoring and improvement strategies.



Leadership coaching helps people understand their current leadership skills knowledge and approach; fine tunes appreciation of value and application of existing skill set; adds new pace, flexibility and self monitoring tools. Together these factors will help leaders make the best use of their own and their team’s talents.




What We Do




As a senior leader, it is important to pause and gain informed awareness of your strengths, your development areas and your future potential. This data can be highly beneficial as a starting point before embarking on a coaching programme or a training or development investment, or to support a career change process.



  • Greater understanding of how personality type and style influence their leadership and outcomes.

  • Greater awareness leading to increased flexibility and agility in how to manage and lead people.

  • Increased understanding of strengths and talents to profile and utilise more to achieve greater impact and improve outcomes.

  • Increased understanding of areas to develop further to achieve goals and career aspirations.

  • Greater awareness of how impact and influence team and stakeholders to improve relationships and networks.

  • Increased awareness of personal resilience and emotional stability to inform development and support requirements.

An in-depth assessment provides quality reliable validated data to inform choices, decisions and next-steps.








What We Do




Our highly skilled assessment team can become an extension of your internal team to deliver executive assessment services to your clients. We are not precious about delivering under our brand but we are committed to high quality and an ethical approach. Our team are trained in a wide number of psychometrics and have many years experience of delivering international online and in person assessment projects. If you would like to extend your capacity to complete an assessment project with a team you can trust then get in touch. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



About the Create Network...






Jill has been working with Senior Leaders for over 20 years.  She brings a wealth of experience as a coach and her approach is informed by a variety of models, theories and approaches.  Her clients appreciate her calm, approachable and warm style, capacity to listen and to stretch and to share a wide range of tools and techniques relevant to varied problems and scenarios.

Jill meets clients, indoors, outdoors and online. She ensures clients leave their coaching programme feeling empowered and confident to make and sustain positive change that benefits them and their business.

Jill is qualified in a wide range of methods and techniques, her approaches are always grounded in evidence and science and as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and HCPC Registered practitioner, you know you are in safe hands.    

Outside of her work Jill loves riding rollercoasters with her family and friends, comedy and time in the outdoors connecting with nature.  Her own ongoing development and training is currently focused on Aikido, Buddhist philosophy, Eco Psychology, Neuroscience and Trauma Recovery. 












A truly diverse community of Coaches providing opportunity to find a great match for you and your unique requirements. You can trust that your chosen coach has your interests at the heart of the relationship and sustains the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and care throughout your programme. All are qualified, certified and have a warm human approach. There is a mass of expertise available to you through our network. Here are some of the areas of specialism’s...


  • Developing new thinking/cognitive patterns and habits
  • Cultural transitions and cultural awareness
  • Developing psychological agility and responses to triggers and issues
  • Discovering higher levels of understanding to lead in complexity
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Re-connecting to values and purpose to drive change and lead with energy
  • Tapping into body-based intelligence to lead in ambiguity
  • Using outdoor intelligence to overcome blocks, barriers and heighten creative problem solving
  • Moving towards conflict and problems in healthy ways
  • Communications and Presence training
  • Bringing energy and life to teams and organisations to maximise outcomes
  • Arts based approaches to transformational change
  • Designing career plans that inspire, motivate and fulfil purpose
  • Building deep confidence that sustains and energises leadership

How to Get Started




Following an initial chat with Jill, you can progress towards your coaching programme by having a free 30 minute meeting with two coaches of your choice. This enables you to then select your coach for the programme who will be of most benefit and fit to you. We have three programmes available based on our experience of what is most needed by Leaders in today’s complex world, and also based on the breadth of experience in our team. However, we focus on what will be of maximum impact for you and your specific needs so your coach will refine and agree a programme for you from your first session together.




Following an intial chat with Jill, a proposal will be sent to you within 48 hours outlining the recommended tools and measures for your needs and the type of report and data to suit your individual requirements. After conversation and agreement, you will be sent a series of links to complete the tools online. The confidential profiles will be sent to one of our Business Psychologists who will work with you throughout the process and provide you with an individual bespoke report, provide feedback and ensure you feel fully informed to move with greater confidence beyond the profiling experience.






A six-session coaching programme, delivered over approximately six months of two hours per session, with telephone/email support between sessions.
A three-session coaching programme, of two hours per session. Focused intensively on a specific challenge or goal, delivered over three months, with telephone/email support between.
Development Profiles can include 1-3 different measures. An example would be 360 feedback, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Preferences. Each profile and report is bespoke to individual needs.

All services can be delivered face to face (if appropriate in terms of location) or via video conferencing. We provide discounts for charities and not for profit organisations as part of our values to support Social Enterprise and Positive Social Purpose. If this is relevant for you please do get in contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As a values-based organisation your fees support leaders to develop who would not otherwise be able to access Leadership Development. 5% of Create Network Ltd fees are donated to our sister organisation Create Seven CIC and fund a bursary for low income leaders to increase their impact to achieve a more sustainable future.


Testimonials and Recommendations






Working with my coach over a 6 month period was without doubt the most beneficial and helpful development I have ever received. Although I've been a professional manager for 10 years, I was able to think and consider different approaches to work relationships, my own situational behaviour as well as different routes and methods for business networking. I was extremely pleased with all the outcomes.




Richard was recommended to me as someone who could offer guidance on leadership styles to help me to reflect on my own style as part of career planning, and to help manage some particular stressors I was experiencing at the time. Our sessions helped me to do all of that and more.

Richard's knowledge, listening skills, engaging skills, and insights were all incredibly helpful. I felt gently challenged where needed, and strongly empowered in some surprising ways, all designed to encourage me to think differently about myself, my role, and about other people to help build stronger workplace interactions. The coaching I received from Richard helped me to grow both personally and professionally.




I found Jill to be an excellent coach who really helped me make a step change in my career. In a fast paced/market having the ability to remain super resilient and focussed on the things that matter is really important. I'm certainly more effective both at work and home and I would highly recommend a chat with Jill and the Create Network if you need any help with this. Communication throughout was nice and easy, utilising the cloud for sharing documents and audio clips. We often caught up in-between sessions to keep me on track which was helpful. At the end of our time together I was presented with a simple techniques/reminder document that I still use today to keep things fresh in the mind.




Jill was my coach for 6 months and I found her input really useful at a challenging time, with work. Jill has many tools to help you find your own answers, reflecting the situations from different angles and facilitatiing opportunities for understanding that would otherwise slip past unnoticed.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill as an Executive Coach I continue to feel the benefit of my time spent with her.
























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